About us


How we got to here...

After studying Natural Science, Irish Entreprenuer Síle Headen gained a keen interest and passion about natural cosmetics. Although her work was based in Microbiology laboratories as a Media Manager, Síle constantly researched the natural product marketplace to keep an eye on trends. She first produced bespoke luxury soap in 2009 using Organic Rapeseed Oil from Co. Kilkenny in Ireland which was sold exclusively (and sold out!) at the National Craft and Design Christmas Fairs in Cork and Dublin. 

Síle is a proud member of the Craft Council of Ireland and also the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. She has completed many Cosmetic science courses in Ireland, Scotland and in London under the formulator who produced bespoke cosmetics for Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. Síle has also ran workshops on natural cosmetics. She has worked in consultancy and formulation for natural cosmetics start-ups.

An avid volunteer helping many charities and social causes including completing a 13,000ft Parachute jump in 2016 which raised over €5,000 for Local Cancer Hospice services. She has a great love of horses and when not in the Lab she can be found at the stables or at the racecourse. Síle was raised in a Family run Public House in rural Ireland which is still going strong after 29 years trading. This lovely Lady (self-declared) is one seriously bubbly human being. She has no beard as of yet and has no plans of growing one until she is 102.

João Machado is the Creative Director who hails from Sunny Portugal. He has the last word over all the designs and features. He has a beautiful handsome beard which gives him a great advantage and magical power above the rest of us. We also robbed his second name for the business as João is the inspiration behind the brand. João also has a science background and worked as a Pharmacy Manager for the past 4 years. The Organic Olive Oil used in the products is from Portugal. As creative Director João envisaged and drove the design concept from pen and paper right through to the finished products. The process has been carefully planned over many months to ensure the final products are superior quality. Working together in the project and as partners both João and Síle are quite pleased about the final results. Occasionally João is equally as happy as when he won that one time in golf! Although João has a fearsome beard he is also afraid of mice. Their hard work and dedication together has created a beautiful brand with high quality affordable products which will no doubt prosper nicely into the men's grooming niche.

Machado Men's Grooming is working towards having our products researched in Clinical trials to determine the emotional and well-being benefits of regular grooming for men using Natural Products. Our Customers are - as always - important to us and we want to provide the best and most highly effective men's grooming products keeping in mind good value for your costs.