Mr. Emlyn Holden

 Proud Beard Owner/Rockstar

(Singer with a band called The Southern Fold – if you get a chance please check out – sorry, had to get that in!)
How long do you have a beard? Can you please share the history of your beard?
I’ve had my beard for about 3 years.  Since I’ve been old enough to grow facial hair, I’ve rarely been fully clean shaven.  I never felt very comfortable without something going on, be it stubble or a goatee etc.  But I’ve never been as comfortable as I am with a full beard.  I’ve had shorter beards a few other times over the years but this time I just felt I’d let it grow out and see how it would go.
How often do you groom your beard and do you have a special grooming routine? How often do you have it trimmed? What is the longest it has been? 
I wash my beard twice per week.  I use beard shampoo (or face wash) because normal hair shampoo tends to be a bit harsh for beard hair.  But if I have to use hair shampoo then I also use conditioner and this helps the beard feel healthy and easier to comb.  On days when I’m not washing the beard, I still let the shower run on it as it makes it easier to comb it in the morning.  I use a beard comb, first I comb it from root to tip, pressing the comb right into my skin.  This feels great and stimulates the face and the beard, and then I massage in beard oil (into the outer layer of the beard and then underneath and also the face), the amount depends on the strength of the oil, heavier oil about 2-3 drops will be plenty, for lighter oil maybe 5-7 drops.  Beard balm is also great and sometimes moustache wax but just a little (but that’s just personal preference).  I usually get it trimmed about once every 3 months, it’s really good for the health of your beard to get it trimmed, it feels great and looks really fresh even if you just get the smallest amount taken off.  If you find a good barber it’s also very important to stick with them, I’ve had a couple of nightmares where I’ve asked for a trim and lost 6 months growth of moustache and half a beard in about 5 minutes.  So I’ve found a great barber at Marble City Barbers in Kilkenny and that’s my go-to destination for a trim.
How do you get your beard to grow so healthy and full? Do you have a secret to the success of your beard?
Genetics?!  I’m not sure, I think it’s just a case of combing it at least once a day with a good wooden beard comb (the usual plastic hair comb isn’t ideal) and adding some beard oil every day whether I’m shampooing it or not.  Also I think when your beard gets long enough you shouldn’t shave your neck anymore either, it helps to make your beard appear fuller.  And definitely a trim every few months will keep your beard looking and feeling healthy.
Can you stick a pencil in your beard??? 
I had never thought about that one before!  But it seems that yes I can!
Do you have any funny incidents involving your beard?
Well, I got the amazing job of playing Santa Claus this year because of my beard!  The guy who was setting the job up in Kilkenny just happened to see me and he asked me if was interested.  I thought he was joking but it turns out he was serious, and it’s been an absolute blast, all thanks to the beard!
Also it’s great when I get strangers just walking up to me and say that my beard looks awesome or even when other people recoil in horror when they tell me they don’t like beards and I ask them if they’d like to touch it!

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