Taking care of your Beard this Summer!

Growing and maintaining a beard takes more than just time and patience. It also takes care and grooming. Your beard will need attention and a little love to get it into the best condition you can. To ensure a healthy, hydrated, and gentlemanly beard, you’ll need to invest in some quality beard products. Designed to smooth your facial hairs and soothe the skin beneath, beard products will help turn any rough and coarse bush of a beard into a well-groomed and majestic masterpiece. All you need to know is which products are for what purpose and how to use them for maximum results.

Why use Machado Beard Oil and what does it do??
Our Beard oil is designed to hydrate and moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath it. Machado Beard oil can tame coarse and unruly strands to provide men with softer and more touchable facial hair. The oil also helps to reduce itching, dry skin and dandruff as it moisturises the skin underneath. The oil’s ability to smooth hairs also really makes it a useful product for styling.
How often you should apply Machado beard oil varies between individuals. Most men will find that one application per day is sufficient while others may need up to three applications. The best time to apply Machado beard oil is in the morning with clean and dry facial hair. Oil that is applied to a dirty or wet beard will not absorb properly. If desired, you can use more oil throughout the day, but be sure to wait at least a few hours between applications to ensure that the oil has time to be absorbed.

What about the Beard Balm? How does that work?
So what is beard balm anyway? Machado Beard balm is pomade used to moisturise and condition your beard using beeswax, oil blends and Bog Myrtle. The major difference between beard balm and beard oil is that the balm is thicker and can be used as a stronger styling agent. The oil, on the other hand, is easier to get to the skin beneath your beard and help reduce dryness and itch.
Mr. Machado himself suggests using balm if you’re rocking shorter facial scruff and using the oil if you’ve reached a longer flowing beard. Take a grape-sized amount of balm– (btw…your beard oil comes with a nice little dropper) – and work in it through your facial hair evenly with your hands. It’s best to apply the balm when your skin is slightly moist so the best is just after a shower or washing your face. It’s also essential to comb, brush and shape your beard after applying.
Frequency depends on length and individual need based on the dryness of your hair or skin.  How often you use beard balm will be a matter of how well groomed you want your beard to look.  So just a re-cap, we recommend Machado beard oil for longer beards and Machado beard balm for those keeping their beards short or growing their beards out to encourage good healthy growth.

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